Export quality furniture locally made, customized and branded with utmost care and attention. High quality, leather, brass, studs, and handles combined with a variety of woods are added to the design.We gather material from all over the world to make your dream venture exquisite.

We are the suppliers of high-quality imported furniture across the Middle East at an affordable price. Explore the hospitality furniture projects we have delivered across the Middle East.

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Commercial umbrellas imported from different parts of the world as per requirement are readily available in our warehouse. Offering various styles, branding, and multiple fabric options, we let you put a personal touch to your parasols with up-to 5 Year Warranty *. Water repellent Teflon coating, UV protection, Nonallergic Inert Polymer fabric, rot-proof long-lasting color stability, high wind resistance, reinforced poles, 24×7 maintenance support, wind-proof chimney are some of the salient features we provide to the customer for the umbrella products. Explore side pole and center pole umbrellas from all-budget commercial umbrellas highly suitable UAE environment.
The highest quality standards in our printing that you have come to expect from our shade systems.
Printed valances and roof sections can turn your umbrella into a real eye-catcher.